Gabriel meaning

Gabriel meaning

They are incredibly impatient people, so much so that they can possess their own soul, in the same way they are people who love material things above all things, if you want to delve more into their personality do not miss the SGabriel's ignited and its origin below.

What can Gabriel's name tell us?

Gabriel is a name with great force whose meaning is "The power granted by the lord" It is linked to religion and has strong biblical traditions and holdings.

This name, however, is a name that, although given to angels such as the Archangel Gabriel, has always been linked to materialistic, interested and a little selfish people.

The friendships of Gabriel They tend to last rather little, since the passage of time ends up deteriorating them so that they move away or end up leaving, that is why their closest friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand, in the same way the friendships that remain by their side they do it forever as they support Gabriel with strength and determination.

Not everything is cons in this name of such a marked character since the so-called Gabriel have in their favor a very creative and full life, they are very entrepreneurial and know how to carry out the most crazy and carefree ideas. They are very good at doing business and can carry out high-risk future proposals.

Gabriel's relationships are always brief but intense since he is destined to find your soul mate And it may take a while to get that person who fits your tastes and hobbies perfectly. When he feels that a woman is not all he needs, he does not hesitate to break the relationship and look for an orange stocking that can complete him immediately, they are delivered, but very impatient and when they find their ideal woman they are able to give absolutely everything to satisfy their desires. .

In the family environment, Gabriel is very lonely, will only come to his wife and children when he feels that his options have been exhausted, leaving them without support when they need him since he always gives much less help than he receives, that is why family meetings with Gabrieles always they can end in big disputes.

Origin or etymology of Gabriel

Gabriel's name is of Hebrew origin, so its meaning is very contrary to what his personality actually means, we are faced with a name of religious and spiritual meaning "The strength given by God." It is believed that the first bearer of this name was the Archangel Gabriel

In the Arabic language we can find a rather peculiar synonym "Giban" which means the man who announces.

There is a female variant of Gabriel, Gabriela,

How do you spell Gabriel in other languages?

  • In English, Spanish, Catalan and French it is written exactly the same Gabriel.
  • In Italian we will meet Gabriel.
  • His feminine is Gabriella or Gabriela

The name has some diminutives like Gaby, Gabi and its feminine variant is Gabriela.

What famous people can we find with this peculiar name?

We find several famous bearers of such a unique name:

  • Famous and renowned racing car driver Gabriel ponce
  • The famous winner of the novel prize for literature Gabriel G. Marquez
  • Gabriel Jonah Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1908
  • Gabriel G. Videla. Chilean lawyer and politician of the radical party.

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