Meaning of Jesus

Meaning of Jesus

Name generator of disputes, creator of everything we know about heaven and earth, or at least that is what the most believers think, this name is very strong and at the same time has a very important biblical meaning, with a great history and a lot of presence in our present we present the Jesus name, join us in describing everything about its meaning.

What can the name of Jesus tell us?

Of Hebrew origin and undoubted antiquity this name comes from the term Yehosuá and its meaning could not be other than "The Savior of Yahveh" Those called with this name receive the gift of patience and calm, because it is difficult to meet a Jesus who is nervous or suffers from anxieties, they are always meditating and things mature before doing them, they like very much to know what their next step will be and they reflect on their path traveled and to go.

On the sentimental level they are somewhat immatureThey find it difficult to open up to new relationships and maintaining them is not a problem, they always have a kind gesture, a romantic touch and a detail that makes their partner feel in a sea of ​​well-being and calm.

In the workplace, they like to work a lot, they are very entrepreneurial and they are constantly looking for the Holy Grail, they know that there is an ideal job for them with great remuneration and they will not stop until they find it, the companions of Jesus work comfortably and without problems is a person who abides by the rules And he knows how to carry them out, which is why he is preferred for teamwork or that require the collaboration of more people.

Etymology or origin of Jesus

This name has undergone significant variations over the years, Its origin from Hebrew leads us to the word Yeshua or Yehosua, this was the son of YHVH so I give it a very direct meaning "Salvation" This is why today many believe that the so-called Jesus will be the one to save them from everything that awaits us.

It has not arrived untouched to this day, its variations have gone through the Aramaic since previously it was called "Lisóus" a word from Greek and "Lesua" from Latin, Joshua and José they derive from this sequence of names.

Affectionate appellations of Jesus

All the names that this fabulous name has suffered tend to seek tenderness and trust in us. Chuso, Jezu, Chus. In Spain we know a not very usual feminine variant Jesusa.

How will we meet Jesus in other languages?

It has undergone many variations from the original name, for this reason it is common to find many of them around the world.

  • The tilde is something important if we change the name to English, because it does not have it: Jesus.
  • It has not undergone any variation in French and German, the name is spelled exactly the same
  • However in Italian we will meet Jesus.

What famous or famous people can we meet with the name of Jesus?

From Jesus of Nazareth himself to the present day, many people have become famous by bearing this name.

  • Famous and gorgeous presenter  Jesús Vázquez.
  • Jesus the Messiah. best known for being the protagonist of the bible.
  • Jesus Hermida Spanish journalist who knows how to bring out the best news.
  • Jesulin great bullfighter who filled the squares with women.

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  1. Yes. I agree with your meaning of the name Jesus expressed here, for in almost every exegetical work I have seen, it is generally agreed that the name Jesus means "Jehovah is salvation" or "Yahweh is salvation."


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