Meaning of Kevin

Meaning of Kevin

Surely if you have come this far it is because you are looking for all the possible information about the name  from Kevin, simple and creative, careful and meticulous that is the personality of one of the names that are most worn today, join us and discover more amazing details.

What can we learn about Kevin's name?

Always remain impeccable, beautiful, cared for and with the smallest detail to perfection, that's what all the so-called Kevin are, they care about their attractiveness, they like to always be up to date and keep their appearance in perfect condition, on the contrary, they do not look for that to when selecting the future love of your life.

Kevin means "The beautiful birth". Perhaps this is why he is so careful with everything related to his image.

They are extremely presumptuous, they like to stand out and show where they step, they spend the day worrying about being liked, for them it is something completely important so they will work their body as much as necessary until they find what they call perfection.

In the loving plane, they do not look for a good physique, they look for a person with a spiritual touch, who guides them and guides them through the path, who completes them as people and makes them grow internally.

They are incredibly creative people, They can dedicate themselves to the world of fashion, art or modeling, they love art and everything related to it, they feel a huge passion for music and sometimes even compose or sing it.

From temperamental birth, the so-called kevin do not care about their goals, they know that they will reach them sooner or later and they dedicate themselves to enjoying the path they travel.

In the loving plane, they are people who like physically, This is largely due to most of the time they spend taking care of themselves, but they nevertheless seek something more that not all women possess.

Etymology or origin of Kevin.

There are many people who believe that this fabulous name comes from Latin or Hebrew, contrary to this thought it comes from Irish and means "The beautiful birth", its etymology resides in "Caoimhghin" and although it has preserved its original name very well when changing Through various languages ​​and over the years, it was German and English that took over.

El affectionate diminutive Kevin's is, Kev.

How do we find Kevin in other Languages?

There are no known variations so all languages ​​adopted the original name: Kevin.

What famous people can we find under the name of kevin?

This name spread the length and breadth of the planet, being in France Canada, Chile or the United States where it reached the most popularity.

  • Amazing and talented actor Kevin kline.
  • Famous film actor with several prestigious shoots Kevin Smith.
  • recognized prestigious actor Kevin Spacey.
  •  "Bodyguard" is the name of the film starring, Kevin Costner.

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