Rare girl and boy names

Rare girl and boy names

If what you want is to give your baby a beautiful and original name, do not miss this great compilation of weird names for girls and boys. We are sure you will love them.

It is usual that you hesitate a lot when it comes to naming your daughter or son, since deciding on a name itself is not easy because the father and mother do not usually coincide with what each one had in mind. However, today we have a much larger range of names than we had in the past, so it is not necessary to stick to the more classic names, but you can definitely choose a modern and original name for your baby be unique among others.

That is why we believe that we need to share with you the entire list of uncommon names so you can choose the one you like the most for your boy or your girl. On the other hand, if you wish, you can leave your contribution in the comments if you know of a name that is not on this list.

Rare or uncommon boy names

  • Elian: The origin of this name is found in the word Ἥλιος, which in Greek the meaning is "enlightened." This name represents someone jovial and active, but with somewhat strange tastes.
  • Didac: It is the Catalan way of Diego. It represents a somewhat geek person although very close to his friends.
  • Orion It is the most popular constellation today. It also corresponds to a masculine name that represents the divine and magnificent.
  • Uriel: It is not a very common name, but it is a fairly old name since it appears in the Bible. Its meaning is "Illuminated by God."
  • Ezra: It is a biblical name although somewhat extravagant, even so for religious people it is a very beautiful name, since its meaning is "the mercy of the Lord."
  • Gim: Its meaning is "benevolence" and its origin comes from Germanic.
  • Milos: This is a very unusual name that in Spanish means "fun." He is a very sociable man who loves to interact with others.
  • lol: Nice and simple.
  • Abba: This baby name is dedicated to an elitist and persevering person.

baby boy

  • Otto: This is the name of the bus driver in The Simpsons series. This masculine name of Germanic origin means "wealth."
  • Axel: It is well known by the name of Guns N 'Roses singer Axl Rose, although in Spanish it is still a rare name. Its etymology is from Hebrew and means "concord."
  • Lisandro: It is a very common name for a boy in Latin America. In history, he was one of the Heraclid men who submitted Athens to his will.
  • Enzo: Another name belonging to the category of rare and of German origin. It means "man of the home."
  • yannik it is a somewhat distant variant of Juan. You may never have heard of it, so it may be a good name choice for your child.
  • Catriel: If you live in South America you will know it but if not, most likely not. It means "hunting bird."
  • Leo: It has become very popular recently thanks to the soccer player known as Leo Messi.
  • Jano: In the culture of the Roman Empire it was the god of the end. Revered only in January, this name comes from ianaurius, whose Latin meaning is "January."
  • afred: It has its origin in the Germanic languages ​​and means "no to war."
  • Elm: In Italy it is a very common name and means "the defender". It is a hypocoristic name for Erasmus.
  • Nil: It is a very common name for a man in Catalonia. It is a variant of another rather rare name, Nile.
  • Killian: This name comes from Cillin in English, and means "modest church."
  • Ivar: It is a name that comes from the Scandinavian language and means "insatiable warrior." It used to be very common to use it in Viking times.
  • Arnau: It comes from the Valencian language and means "fast like the hawk". Represents a man who puts all his effort to achieve everything that is proposed.
  • Calixto: This name comes from the Greek  Κάλλιστος, and means "cute." And if what you have is a girl, you can call her Calixta, since it is her feminine form.
  • Zygor: This name originated centuries ago in Basque and symbolizes a mysterious man that you will get to know over time.
  • myrt: It is a name that is becoming more and more fashionable and its meaning is "faithful", "honored".
  • Vania is a diminituvo of Iván, which comes from the Hebrew yehohanan and means "consecrated to God." It is widely used especially in Russia.
  • Quim: Hippocoristic of the name Joaquim, it is a Catalan name that is associated with a cultured and hard-working man.
  • Joel: It is no longer a very strange name since it is used very frequently among children of the last generations.
  • Eros: Greek counterpart of the famous Cupid, the god of sex and seduction. It is a diminutive of another very strange name, Eleuterio.
  • Jaguar: It is a very well known brand of cars but it is also a very rare masculine name that is used in the UK. As in the mammal that shares this name, it represents speed and strength.
  • Yon: It is a man's name that is used very little and was made very famous by the actor Yon González.
  • Areu: You will have seen it especially in the region of Catalonia, since it has its origin there. In the rest of the countries you will hardly find it anywhere.
  • Blai: Although it may seem like a very strange name, it is among the top 50 of the most used names in the Valencian Community.

Weird names for girls

Girl's names

  • Danae: Its origin is in the Greek languages ​​and means "arid". According to the story, Danae was one of the women who had a child with Zeus, the most important God in all of Olympus.
  • Valle: Its origin is Latin and refers to Our Lady of the Valley, therefore it is closely linked to trees, flowers and fields.
  • Maider Its origin is Basque and it is a mixture of two other names, María and Eder.
  • Ada: Its origin, from the Hebrew aah it means "bead." It seems like a very modern name but it actually appears even in the Bible, in the Old Testament.
  • Sibyl: Its origin is Greek and means "clairvoyant." It is a name that a woman had in the Middle Ages and that had the splendid power of being able to see the future of people.
  • Aisha: It comes from Arabic and means "the one who loves life." This name was shared by one of the wives that Muhammad came to have.
  • Betsy: It is a diminutive of Elisabet and its meaning is "woman who gives off smiles."
  • Kaila: Corresponds to a girl's name that will have a sweet and mystical personality. It comes from Gaelic.
  • April: It is very famous in the United States, but in Spanish-speaking countries it is not very common to meet him.
  • uxia: This rare name means "honorable and courageous", and you can give it to your daughter if you want her to have great strength in the future to face everything that comes her way.
  • Calliope: It was said in mythology that this muse could exercise dominion over all the others thanks to Zeus, so her name has to do with the supreme and leadership. It also means "the one who speaks with power."
  • Tanit: It comes from the Latin language and gave its name to the goddess who symbolized fertility and moonlight.
  • Aledis: Especially suitable for an innovative girl, with the ability to step out of her comfort zone to face anything that comes her way in life.
  • Kendra: A presumptuous and independent girl is designated. Its roots are said to be of Danish origin.
  • Amina: It is an ideal strange name for those who are faithful to the Koran, since this name was had by the woman who carried Muhammad in her womb.
  • Nora: It is one of the characters of The leftovers. This name for a girl is of Hebrew origin and it is really very beautiful.
  • Neferet: It was an Egyptian noble woman, whose beauty was what characterized her the most.
  • Jamila: This name symbolizes a beautiful and sensitive girl. It comes from the Arabic and means "beautiful."
  • zenda: This name designates a girl who escapes from the earthly to enjoy a free and pure soul.
  • andra: Of Greek origin, it is a fairly frequent name in English-speaking areas. It means 'powerful', 'resistant'.
  • yelina: The meaning is "the light that illuminates" and at its roots is the Greek language.
  • Erin: It is a very rare name that comes from Gaelic and means "abundance".
  • Leire: It is a Basque name, although its real origin is in the Latin word legionaire.
  • Arlet: It is dedicated to a fun and bohemian girl. The origin is French.
  • Samay: It is associated with an affectionate girl in love, intelligent and calm. Dedicated to those daughters who are pure tenderness, do not think about it and choose it.
  • clemency: This name has its origin in the Germanic languages, it is a somewhat affectionate form of the name Matilde and its meaning is "courageous fighter".
  • Eider: It is a very common girl's name in the Basque Country. Beyond the region it is not very well known.
  • Areu: This name is totally dedicated to a girl who loves nature. It is used a lot in Catalonia and it is very rare to find it outside there.
  • Briseis: In Greek mythology, Briseis was a character in the Trojan War. In fact, he was kidnapped by strong Achilles at the king's command.
  • Laia: It comes from the Greek and means "one who expresses her feelings."
  • ehud: The origin is unknown but it is linked to nature.
  • indivar: This name reflects a person who does not settle for the basics. She is sensual and loves to live great intense experiences. The etymology is Indian and means "blue flower."
  • Melania: The origin of this strange name is Greek and means "black." It is not very popular in the Spanish language but it is in other languages.
  • Zulema: It comes from the Arabic word suleiman, which means "the one who enjoys well-being."
  • Myrna: It originates from the Gaelic language and means "nice." It was made very famous by the dancer Myrna Bellydance.
  • Sanca: It has its etymology in the Catalan language and is designated a very active woman, with a strategist's mind and very ambitious in everything that is proposed.
  • Minerva: Name of Latin origin, it means "mind" and, in Roman mythology, it corresponded to the goddess who was in charge of the safety of all Romans.

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We hope this great list of weird boy and girl names has served you. If this is the case, now we recommend that you read all these other similar articles in the sections of names for girls y names for boys.

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