Meaning of Mary

Meaning of Mary

Curious and very outgoing, María is known for her great heart and her kindness, who has a friend María knows that she has a treasure that she must preserve for a lifetime, join me to discover everything about this fabulous name.

What can we learn about Maria?

When we talk about this woman many of us think about its biblical meaning, but we should not stay solely in a book, let's look a little further and discover that María is love, she is a name that is always looking for people to love her and offer everything she has in return, she is directly related to companionship, family love, fighting and tenderness.

When they have a partner They fill you with attentions, surprises, pampering and delicate gesturesThey are faithful and very sincere.

They constantly reflect about their decisions taken and they mature with extreme caution the next steps to take in their life, however their fixation of not taking anything for granted helps them to take the right path and avoid problems that other people attract. Sometimes they are impulsive, and this makes their relationships not end very well.

They are very agile thinking people, so in the workplace they will always work on new challenges that require imagination and agility of speech, if they work in a group they are the ideal companions that everyone wants because they seek perfection and will not give a job for finished until found.

With his family they are protective mothers that they will not let their children stray astray, they will have strong teachings and beliefs and when the time comes to leave the nest they will be prepared and will know how to guide them.

Etymology or Origin of Mary

If we go back to the writing of the bible we will see that her first appearances were her since she was the Mother of jesus and Yaveh I select her to be the mother of all mothersAlthough it is true that these religious connotations make today one of the most selected names for Christian women, it is also true that it is selected for the beauty of its meaning.

Its etymology, however, is of doubtful origin, since some think that it comes from the Hebrew whose writing would be: מִרְיָם.

Maria's affectionate appellations

We only know a sweet and tender nickname for this name, this is Mari.

How will we meet Mary in other languages?

Marí has ​​kept its original essence and although it has undergone some phonetic changes, it still sounds the same way.

  • If we speak in English we will say mary.
  • If we write it in French it will be Marie.
  • Spanish, German and Italian have the original name: Mary.

What famous people can we meet with this name?

  • Beautiful, with art and an incredible voice, that's right Mariah Carey
  • Two queens, one in France and one in Scotland, both María
  • Very great actress of recognized prestige Maria Callas.

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