Biblical boy names and their meaning

If you are religious, you may want your child to have a name that appears in the Bible. With this compilation you can find the best biblical boy names. !You will love it!

Biblical boy names and their meaning

  • Isaac. He was patriarch of Israel. He was born when his mother, Sara, was in the advanced age of 90. At the same time, his father, Abraham, was 100 years old. This name can be literally translated as laughing boy.
  • Enas. This name appears for the first time in the New Testament. Aeneas was an invalid and witnessed the miracle of Jesus' healing when he healed him.
  • Jairo. Jairo also witnessed a miracle when his 12-year-old daughter would be resurrected.
  • Jesus (Jesus Christ):  Jesus is a very important name for the Bible. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born from the womb of Mary. His father is José, a carpenter from whom he learned the trade. He was born in the portal of Bethlehem on December 24 (hence the tradition of celebrating Christmas Eve that day) and, according to the records of the Bible, would die 33 years later, on April 7.
  • Abraham. Abraham is a name that represents the Christian faith in its purest form. He was willing to kill his own son, Isaac, to fulfill God's designs. However, the Lord sent an angel to indicate that he had demonstrated his faith and that he did not have to sacrifice it.
  • Moses. Moses is the descendant of Amram and Jochebed, he becomes the "Prince of Egypt" and the meaning of his name is "Rescued from the waters."
  • Jair of Gilead. Another iconic character from the Bible. He stands out for having had more than 30 children and for having had a very important role in the justice of Israel. The name has Hebrew roots and can be translated as "Enlightened Man."
  • Isaiah. Isaiah was a Prophet of Israel while the Assyrian empire grew.
  • Abdiel. This name appears in the Bible, but the name is only briefly mentioned in a couple of lines. It means "unconditional of God" and, at least, it seems very nice to us.
  • Adam He was the first man on the face of the earth. From his rib the first woman, Eve, would be created and both would beget Cain and Abel. He is also known as the "messenger of God."
  • Eliel. Eliel was part of King David's army, in addition to being the head of the tribe of Manasseh. It is a name that has Hebrew roots and its meaning is "Angel of the Lord."
  • Cain. Cain is the son of Adam and Eve and the brother of Abel. As we discovered from the history of the Bible, he was envious of his brother and ended up murdering him.
  • I took it It is the third son that Jacob had. Its roots come from Hebrew and it means «United with his family.
  • Jared. Jared was the firstborn of Malael; He is considered the oldest man on the face of the earth, reaching 962 years. Its history can be known in detail in the book of Genesis.
  • Ashur. Ashur was the founder of the Assyrian empire, and later the empire that would bear his name (Anshur). He would become the husband of Ninlil and later they would beget Ishar.
  • Caleb. Caleb is a name that appears in the Hebrew Bible and is characterized as a man who always sticks well to his beliefs. Although the Hebrews did not believe in him, he was able to enter "Canaan" the famous promised land of God.
  • Marduk. He is a descendant of Ea. He appears briefly in the "Code of Hammurabi" and is described as the head of a Babylonian temple.
  • Laban. Laban is from Abraham's family and also Jacob's father-in-law. One of his identifying traits is that he shared the doctrine of idolatry, and this was something that was forbidden at that time.
  • Hiram (Hiram) is a derived name that has Hebrew roots. Hírám has the meaning of "love for my brother." He is cited in the Bible as King of Tire and would participate, in the same way as his men, in the construction of King David's house.

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Biblical boy names

  • Augustine (from Augustus)
  • Aram (tall)
  • Baltasar (Receives help from God)
  • Bartolomé (the one who descends from Tôlmay)
  • Beltran (shining raven)
  • Benjamin (son of the right hand)
  • Damaso (tamer)
  • Daniel (justice of the Lord)
  • Democritus (supreme judge)
  • Édgar (property defender)
  • Elijah (faithful to YHVH)
  • Esteban (winner)
  • Fabian (farmer)
  • Francisco (Intelligence)
  • Gaspar (protector of property)
  • Germán (brave warrior)
  • Guido (forest)
  • Herod (hero)
  • Homer (blind)
  • Hugo (insightful, full of wisdom)
  • Jacob (God's protection)
  • Joel (Yahveh is my salvation)
  • Joshua (God's salvation)
  • Lucas (resplendent)
  • Mordecai (son of Marduk)
  • Mateo (God offers him a gift)
  • Matías (blessing of God)
  • Noah (relief)
  • Oriol (golden)
  • Pablo (small)
  • Renato (the one who was born again)
  • Roman (cultured, civilized)
  • Samuel (To whom God pays attention)
  • Santiago (tireless walker)
  • Simon (God hears him)
  • Timothy (the one who praises God)
  • Thomas (brother / protector)
  • Uriel (Yahweh enlightens me)
  • Jabal (ram)
  • Zechariah (Remembrance of God)

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Rare Biblical Boy Names

Biblical names are names from the Bible, they are of Hebrew or Jewish origin. These names have the characteristic of being very beautiful and traditional within our language, but here you have the option of knowing little sound and above all beautiful names, so that you can choose with taste and personality.

  • Jair: means the "shining" or "enlightened". His personality is strong and robust, he knows how to defend himself and acts with arrogance.
  • Marduk: its origin comes from one of the most important gods of Babylon
  • Caleb: its origin comes from one of the twelve explorers who entered the Promised Land with Joshua. It means "bold and faithful" and has a sociable and creative personality.
  • Jared: means "ruler", "the one who comes from heaven." Their personality is very creative and they are very active and curious people.
  • Ezra: means "the one who helps". He is a lover of learning, a good student and he likes research.
  • Uriah: means "my light". Their personality projects a lot of personality and flexibility, because they have a lot of magic.
  • Anub: means "strong, tall."
  • Enas- Its origin comes from a great Trojan hero. It means "who is praised."
  • Levi: Means "join", "attach". His personality is very creative and original.
  • Then: means the "who comes out to judge." His personality is very masculine, emotional and generous
  • Hiram: means "the supreme brother of God." His personality is sensitive and emotional, although it seems that he has a great armor.
  • Charity: means "hope". His personality is emotional, kind with a very liberal mind.
  • Asher: means "happy", "blessed". Her personality is authoritative, ambitious, confident, and passionate.
  • Baruch: means "blessed" or "blessed". Her personality is fun and energetic, she stands out above the others.
  • Elam: He was one of the sons of Shem, son of Noah, it means “forever”.
  • Enoch: means “dedicated. His personality has a lot of magnetism since he always wants to impress.
  • Gad: means "the fortunate one", was one of the prophets of King David. His personality is devoted, faithful to his partner and attracted to games of chance.
  • Joab: means "will", "God" and "father". His personality is intense and creative thanks to his intelligence.
  • Nathan: its origin comes from a prophet, friend of David.
  • Set: origin of the son of Adam and of an Egyptian god. His personality is rational, intuitive and with a good sense of humor.
  • Shiloh: means “your gift”. Their personality is one of overcoming, they take advantage of everything that surrounds them to generate great things.

Hebrew Biblical Boy Names

Hebrew names have their own etymology, most have their own meaning and their own personality. The peculiarity of these names is that they have a different and little-known sound within our language, but they all have a Christian tradition that many parents will like.

  • Yair: means the "illuminator of God". Her personality is elegant and refined, demanding of couples and unfamiliar.
  • Arath: means "the one who descended". His personality is bright, cheerful and active.
  • Neizan: means "gift of God". He is a shy and introverted person, he is sensitive, intelligent and observant.
  • Ian: means "faithful follower of God." They are people who adapt to any type of work, very confident and generous.
  • Eliel: means "the Lord is my God." He is a person who likes to laugh, sing and talk because he wants to feel happiness up close.
  • Zuriel: it means "my rock is God". Their personality is reserved, but they are firm and determined.
  • Yoel: derives from one of the prophets of the last judgment. It means "faithful follower of God." Her personality is very open to friends and dear. You don't like awkward situations.
  • edrey: means "strength", "powerful".
  • Itai: means "friendly" and "the lord is with me".
  • To joke: means "little small".
  • Aram: means "high". His personality radiates self-confidence and he starts big projects with force.
  • Uriah: means "light of God". His personality is very creative, flexible and with a lot of magic.
  • Cleto: means "chosen for combat".
  • joram: means "Jehovah is exalted."
  • Nahum: means "consolation". They are fun people, who like to show off their ingenuity and enjoy progress in any sector.
  • Zoël: means "son of Babel". He is an honest, independent and rational person.
  • Eber: means "those from beyond". His personality is very introverted and secretive. He is excited about the irrational and I miss it.
  • Endor: means “of a festive nature”.
  • Haggai: means "solemn or feast of God." Their personality radiates confidence, enthusiasm and they plan their acts with dynamism.
  • Efren: means "very fruitful". His personality is passionate and exciting with notes of short temper.
  • Abdiel: means "servant of God". He is a shy person, with charm and great sensitivity.
  • Hansel: means "gift of God". He is a very original person so he draws a lot of attention with great ease.
  • Ezra: means “help, support”. His personality is firm and confident, with very clear objectives.
  • Adriel: means "man who belongs to the people of God." They are very active people, they transmit great strength and authority.
  • Aaron: also written Aharon, it means "light or illuminated". They are very hard-working people with a great sense of humor.
  • Menachem: means "one who comforts". He is a very confident and confident person, gifted as a leader and with great intelligence.

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